The Roboteers


Film Title: The Roboteers

Genres: Animations / Children’s TV series

Country of Production: UK

Script writer: Adam Cook

Cast Attached: TBA

Synopsis: In the land ruled by a tyrannical king and his royal Robot army, only Eric, courageous leader of Roboteers can save the day. (Action! Suspense! Family Fun!). The Roboteers is a CGI animation intended for a Worldwide TV market in 3D where budgets permit and 2D where budgets are tight. The age group is 6-14.

Director: Karl Maddix, Adam Cook

Production Companies: Scary Mary Media, New World Films

Executive producer: Mac Chakaveh / Phil Strange

Budget: $ 2.0 M

Estimated Running time: Six episodes of 25 minutes

Language: English

Image: Colour

Production Status: Pre-Production

Producer: Adam Cook and Director Karl Maddix have put together a formidable team with Disney & Warner Bros animator James “Happy Feet” Finlay leading the charge.  Producer Adam Cook’s first production was a cartoon for Express Newspapers of the legendary “Rupert” character.  He is currently riding high in the Newgrounds charts having achieved over 40,000 viewings in 8 days for his latest animated venture “A Bid for Freedom”.

Director: Karl Maddix (BA Hons in illustration) is best known for his cutting edge TV campaigns for the likes of the Post Office.

Lead animator: James “Happy Feet” Finlay.  (Disney/ Warner Bros/ Sony/Mattel/Atari/Vivendi/Universal and Nintendo have all called on his considerable animation skills.)