Sin Love


Film Title: Sin Love

Genres: Drama

Country of Production: Spain/UK

Script writer: Martin Crespo

Cast Attached: Rosalinda Muñiz, Virginia DeMorata, Jose Manuel Infante, Luisa Mª ROdríguez, Juan Manuel Blanco & Martín Crespo

Synopsis: Story of forbidden Love , Rocio and Laura, childhood friends grown up in a small Spanish town, were they had to hide their love and passion. When Rocio, leaves for London, Laura is forced to marry a young local civil guard. However, their love and passion for each other cannot disappear, regardless of Rocio’s sexual journey with London’s life style, she would return to claim her love, with all its disastrous circumstances.

Director: Martin Crespo

Production Companies: Rossmartin Films. New World Films

Executive producer: Mac Chakaveh / Phil Strange

Budget: $ 3.M

Estimated Running time: 90 minutes

Language: Spanish/English

Image: Colour

Production Status: Pre-Production