Director: Mark Mocahbee
Country: USA | Year: 2007 | Length: 13 min

The line between a gift and a curse is never clear. Richard is tortured by horrible visions of other people’s fate. Marcus sleeps with as many women as he can. Maggie waits with a gun. When these three people’s paths cross, nothing will ever be the same.

El Canto Del Grillo / Song of the Cricket

Director: Dany Campos
Country: SPAIN Year: 2006 Length: 17 min

Joseba Perurena, a young terrorist, wants to start a new life together with his girlfriend. However, cutting ties with the past is never an easy thing to do especially when the consequences have not been fully considered.

4 Conversations About Love

Director: Jessica Townsend
Country: UK Year: 2006 Length: 14 min

4 People, 4 Conversations, 4 Lives Changed. A man and a woman make love for the last time in the house in which they meant to raise a family. A father and daughter meet in a cafe for the first time in many years- and at first it feels like a date. A woman tells her girlfriend – the love of her life – that she is unexpectedly pregnant. A tormented stranger finds a woman and her baby and the encounter gives him the chance to confront his past. Four ‘Short Cuts’ style stories dealing with love, loss, and finally, grace.

Back to the Fuchsia

Director: Toby Roberts
Country: UK Year: 2007 Length: 3 min

In their garden of love he’s sowing seeds of doubt, laced with jealousy. But she has ripe manure to feed his trust and, hopefully, help their relationship flower.

Conscious Life

Director: Tobias Feltus
Country: UK Year: 2007 Length: 4 min

Synopsis: Conscious Life is a silent film which portrays the pain and delirium of love and tragedy. The short is presented as black and white, set in the late 1920s. The film shows a young photographer in his studio, haunted by the obsession of an unrequited love, and ensuing indifference towards his current lover. Waking from sleep in a dream-like sequence, his photograph on the wall and reality confuse their roles. Commissioned as a music video, the film is intertwined with the harmonyous track by Aereogramme.

I Became…

Director: Ms. Arwa Mamaji
Country: INDIA Year: 2006 Length: 5 min

Synopsis: The film revolves around a little street child who is looking for some food. We see him walking around the city with his only companion the balloon. Through his journey he observes everything that life has to throw at him. Yet he is a child without any worry except one basic need. Food. The film is about materialism and how it has started governing our lives. Our primary needs are taken for granted and we are caught up in a fictitious world glazed with glamour and pride. We cannot look through the tainted glass and even if we can, we pretend to ignore it and push it into the furthermost part of our subconscious.


Director: Chris Bessounian
Country: USA Year: 2007 Length: 14 min
Originating material: Fuji Film / DI 1080p

During the conflict in the former Yugoslavia many soldiers were convinced to kill fellow citizens including friends and relatives in the name of patriotism. The Kolaborator follows the story of Goran, 24, a promising young soccer player who is forced to become a soldier. Goran goes from being a talented athlete to an executioner virtually overnight. Following orders, Goran lines up civilians, shoots them and drags them into mass graves. Justifying his role as a protector of his people, Goran becomes increasingly detached from the task until his soccer coach and life-long friend, Asim, is led in front of him. As a familiar face stands defeated before him, Goran must reconsider his actions and choose between his own life and that of his friend.


Director: Paul Olding
Country: UK Year: 2005 Length: 10 min
Writer: Andrea Olding Cast: Dudley Sutton

On a windswept beach, a lone figure trudges wearily across the sand. Deep in concentration, his eyes are trained on the ground ahead. The story of an old man’s relentless search. He can only ever rest, when he finds his Treasure.