The Foreigner

Country: Bulgaria
Language: French and Bulgarian
Year of Production: 2012
Director: Niki Iliev
Length of film: 98 min


A Frenchman falls in love with a hot temper Bulgarian village girl. Following the call of his heart he starts looking for the village where she lives without knowing the character and the language of the people living there.

Heavy Sands

Director: Anton Barshhervsky
Country: Russia
Year of Production: 2009
Length of film: 155 min

The struggle of love between a German soldier and a Jewish girl.

Ro be Ghoroub / Towards Sunset

Director: Iraj Emami
Country: ‘Iran Year: 2009 Length: 94 min
Cast: Hedieh Tehrani, Mohamed Ataei, Siamak Emami, Noormohammed Ataei

A moving critique on modern-day Iran as Mohammed an Afghani boy, refuse collector struggles to make ends meet in Iran.

Mohammed, an illiterate Afghani boy, works with his uncle as a refuse collector. In an unfortunate situation Mohammed’s uncle is arrested and jailed, and Mohammed is sacked from his work. The story opens at night in Tehran. A man conceals a large amount of money in a purpose built compartment of his bag. Walking back to his car a thief seated on the back of a motorbike snatches his bag. Driving into a park, the robber empties and throws the bag away without noticing the hidden money. The owner searching desperately for his bag finally catches up with the robber only to find out he did not discover the hidden compartment. The search for the bag is now on.

This is a beautifully shot, thought provoking film, one of the best recent examples of modern Iranian filmmaking.

The Twisted Tale of Bloody Mary

Country: UK Year: 2008 Length: 104 min
Language: English (Spanish Subtitles available)
Director: Chris Barnard

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The story of Mary I of England, daughter of Henry VIII, who came triumphantly to the throne in 1553 but died 5 years later, in misery and widely hated. They called her “Bloody Mary” for the burning of the Protestants, but was she really such a villain?